Golf Fitness DVD features simple and smart golf exercises and stretches for better golf health and fitness. Do you want to achieve longer drives, more golf power and lower golf scores? Hello, I'm Gina Piazza and I've developed 3 golf health and fitness programs that can help you achieve greater flexibility and strength for more golf distance, lower scores and more control. Follow my simple and smart golf fitness DVD to improve your golf core fitness adding more golf power, longer drives, help reduce the likelihood of injury and enhance your overall golf performance.

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Fit to Break Par - G Ball Fitness For Golfers

Fit to Break Par - Advanved G Ball Fitness For Golfers

9 Hole Golf Fitness (includes golf health tips)

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The golf fitness website features online golf fitness tips, stretches and exercises. Click here for all golf fitness tips. Other features include online golf health and fitness slideshows - quick links: Golf Fitness Tools > Golf Posture > Healthy Golf > Golf Fitness >

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